Who we are

We have taken a lead role in promoting project-based learning for 21st century learners.  Through the development of project-based curriculum materials, we have empowered our students and inspired our colleagues.  We have both worked as educators in the gifted education setting and regular education setting in grades K-8 for 35 years of combined teaching experience. 

We are teachers dedicated to providing our students with meaningful learning experiences that will prepare them for a future and a world that we can't even imagine.  We challenge our students to think critically, exercise creativity, and work collaboratively to enhance their own learning experience.  We guide them and coach them to become project managers, who make decisions for themselves about how to solve problems, meet deadlines, and make everyone feel valued in the work they do.


Why we do this


With using project-based learning in our classrooms, we have experienced so many positive changes in ourselves as teachers and in our students.  We have seen the student empowerment that results from this approach to teaching.  We hope to share our knowledge and experience with others so that they may feel inspired and prepared to approach teaching in a whole new way.

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